Peer Review Process

The process of reviewing articles for all scientific publications around the world is particularly important to improve the credibility of protected scientific efforts. The process of reviewing the journal involves both identical and double-blind judgments, meaning that the authors and reviewers have no knowledge of each other's identity.
Submissions are first reviewed by the journal's editorial team and submitted to at least 2 independent reviewers if they meet the journal's criteria. It is important to note that, prior to the initiation of scientific arbitration by the arbitrators, the article is reviewed to prevent scientific theft and if it is proven to be a scientific theft, the place of employment of the author (s) and the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology are announced.
The editor-in-chief supervises that the review process is kept strictly confidential and that no one other than the authors and reviewers receives any information about the content of the work submitted until the publication. The final decision on the article is up to the referees and has no external effect on the decision. In case of disagreement between the matched referees, the final decision shall be taken by the third referee or the editorial team.
To support this process, please consider submitting your article to:
The first file contains the article title, the authors' names, their affiliation and contact information including email, phone number and full home address;
The second file contains abstracts, articles, and references in their entirety without author identity;
The third file contains the authors' commitment form;
The fourth file contains a system-like report.
After the arbitration process is completed, the decision is made as one of the following options:
Conditional acceptance (requires revision and correction),